Robert Lee D.D.S.

Dr. Sikes attended dental school with Dr. Robert Lee. Dr. Lee is a board certified orthodontist. He has been practicing orthodontics for 15 years. His primary office is in Missouri City. He has been coming to our office for 13 years now. He is the ONLY board certified orthodontist in Cleveland! We are blessed to have him as part of our team.

Dr. Lee loves being an orthodontist. Over the years, he has given so many of our patients the smile that they have always wanted. He loves seeing kids grow up and loves getting to know their families. It is always his focus to make each patients feel at-home when they come in for treatment.

Dr. Lee is able to provide the best orthodontic care available. He is able to provide Invisalign or clear aligners. This allows some patients to move their teeth without traditional brackets and wires. He is also great with kids. He has five children of his own. He loves treating kids and helping them get a pretty smile. He also treats adults. Fifty percent of our patients with braces or clear aligners are adults. As we get older our teeth can shift and become more crowded. Dr. Lee is the expert at figuring out how to get them the smile they have always wanted!

Dr. Lee is also on staff that the university of Texas dental school in Houston where he teaches the orthodontic residents. He is also on staff at the Shriners Hospital where he helps kids that have cleft lip and cleft palate.

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