Tyler Rushing D.D.S.

Dr. Rushing graduated with honors from the University of Alabama with a BS degree in biology in 2011.  He received his DMD from the University of Alabama in Birmingham in 2015. He received his 2 year Advanced Education in General Dentistry certificate from NYU Lutheran in 2017.  Dr. Rushing’s extra training focused on implant and surgical dentistry. Dr. Rushing is also currently an assistant clinical professor at the University of Texas School of Dentistry in Houston.

In Dr. Rushing’s training, he became licensed to do IV sedation. Because of his training, we are able to offer IV sedation to our patients that are afraid and
want to be more relaxed during treatment. This allows patients to get treatment done that they have been putting off for years. Dr. Rushing also has
extensive training in removing wisdom teeth. That means that in most cases, our patients can have their oral surgery done in our office without having to
go to an oral surgeon. This make it very convenient for them because the closest oral surgeon is 30 miles away.

Dr. Rushing loves his patients and they love him. He loves to talk to them and make them feel comfortable. One of his passions is dental surgery. Surgery is not a word most of us like but dental surgery is needed sometimes and Dr. Rushing is highly skilled in this area. He has a really good bedside manner which helps make the patients feel comfortable when having to have dental surgery.

Dr. Rushing’s previous training and current teaching position has instilled a love of treating special needs patients. Special needs patients can have difficulty
finding dentists who are willing to treat them but Dr. Rushing and Dr. Sikes have a special place in their hearts for them.

Dr. Rushing also passionate about technology and how it can improve the patient experience with dental treatment. It was this passion that made Dr. Rushing and Dr. Sikes two of a kind. He loves to play around with dental computer programs. He is always looking to find new ways to improve the patient experience at our practice.

Recently, we added a 3D printer to our technology. Dr. Rushing is our expert in 3D printing. We are able to print models of our patients teeth. This technology is really cool for us because we don’t have to take messy impressions anymore. This is beneficial to patients who have previously had pain taking impressions before or patients who gag during impressions. Instead we can scan the jaw and print a model! This is much more accurate because we don’t have to worry about air bubbles and distortion like you sometimes get from traditional impressions. We can also print surgical guides from our 3D CT scans. This allows much more accuracy when placing dental implants.

Dr. Rushing has been married for 5 years to Anna Rushing who also serves as our hygiene coordinator.  His hobbies include technology, travel, and spending time with friends and family.

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