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While no one wants to lose their teeth, over time many people find that their teeth fall out. This is a very common factor with aging. Once this happens, a replacement needs to be considered. While traditionally people would go with dentures, now an excellent option is available that allows patients to have their teeth replaced in as little as one day—all on four dental implants.

All on four dental implants are a mixture between dentures and dental implants that replace the
upper or lower set of teeth. While all on four dental implants are essentially a form of dentures,
they are much more than that. All on four dental implants are fixed in place—allowing a patient
to bite, chew and speak without worrying about the dentures moving around or causing them
discomfort. All on four dental implants also give the appearance of real teeth, as they don’t shift
around. This allows for the patient to continue to smile and speak with confidence, and without
feeling self-conscious about having dentures in their mouths.

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More About Dentures

In order to understand what all on four dental implants are, it’s fundamental to understand what dentures are. Traditional dentures are dental prosthetics that have the appearance of teeth, but are easily removeable. Traditional dentures are not fixed in place—meaning they are simple to take out at any time. While this is ideal for cleaning, it doesn’t provide the same level of support as other replacement options. In order to be able to chew, bite and even speak like they used to, patients will want to consider dental implants.

More About Dental Implants

Dental implants are titanium rods that are installed in the jawbone to hold false teeth in place. While most patients have a single implant placed when a tooth is missing, other patients can have multiple teeth replaced. This includes whole sets of teeth! Dental implants can be used to place various forms of dentures, including all on four dental implants.

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Advantages of All on Four Dental Implants

There are a variety of different advantages that all on four dental implants have not only over dentures, but also other implant denture options. These include:

Same Day Placement
Traditional dental implants can take a long time to complete. They also generally require multiple surgeries. This means a lengthy process that can last upwards of a year. All on four dental implants can be placed in as little as one day.

No Bone Graft
A major consideration for the placement of most implants is the strength of the jawbone. Missing teeth will often cause the bone tissue in the jaw to deteriorate—making it impossible to place traditional implants. Because of this, a dentist will often perform a bone graft to place the implants. Not only does a bone graft end up costing the patient more money, but it also requires an additional procedure (or multiple procedures) as well as time for the bone tissue to grow and strengthen. All on four dental implants do not require a bone graft—making the procedure that much easier.

Prevent Bone Loss
Although bone grafts likely aren’t necessary for the placement of all on four dental implants, it is still good to maintain the integrity of the jawbone, and to keep it from further deteriorating. All on four dental implants help to prevent bone loss which can lead to further oral health issues, and even the changing of the shape of a patient’s face.

All on four dental implants are a lot stronger than other replacement options, and provide an amazing level of support. This allows patients to continue to eat and bite much like they used to. It also helps to improve speech.

Lower Costs
Because of the ease of placing all on four dental implants, they can actually be a much more affordable option. Keep in mind that traditional dental implants require months to heal, and multiple procedures. This ends up costing lots of time and money. All on four dental implants are also more cost effective than other denture implant options, as they only need four implants instead of the six or eight that other procedures may need. Finally, because all on four dental implants generally do not need any form of bone grafting, patients end up saving money on lengthy and expensive bone grafting procedures.

All on Four Dental Implant Process

The first step of any dental procedure is to visit your dentist. You may already have a set of dentures, and you may be looking to upgrade to all on four denture implants. On the other hand, you may have teeth that need to be pulled, so replacements will need to be discussed for after the extraction procedure. Whatever the case, you’ll need to visit your dentist to discuss replacement options.

Once they have made the decision that all on four dental implants are the right choice for you, they will begin scanning your mouth, creating a full 3D model. This model allows the dentist to properly plan out the placement of the implants. From there, they will begin installing the implants.

Once the implants are installed, they will place the denture, and secure it in place. They will check the fit of the denture, and they will check your bite to make sure you have the support that you need.

Once the procedure is complete, your dentist will discuss aftercare, and will answer any questions that you may have.

Candidates for All-On-Four

In order to understand if you are a good candidate for all on four dental implants, you’ll first need to visit your dentist and discuss which options are available. They may decide that you are not a good candidate, and if so, they will provide you with other options. If they decide you are a candidate, they’ll walk you through the placement process.

Speak with your dentist about whether or not all on four dental implants are the best teeth replacement option for your needs.

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