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When patients need to have their teeth removed, or have found that their teeth are beginning to fall out, different options need to be considered. While some patients opt for traditional dentures, others prefer a more permanent solution. One excellent teeth replacement solution that allows for the replacement of the full set of upper or lower teeth is Teeth in a Day. In order to better understand the Teeth in a Day procedure, though, it’s important to have a general understanding of both what dental implants are, and what dentures are.

What Are “Teeth in a Day” Dentures?

Teeth in a Day refers to a revolutionary procedure that allows a dentist to place permanent replacement teeth into the mouth of the patient in as little as one day. These dentures are held in place using four dental implants that provide stability and strength, while also requiring a less lengthy placement process.

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What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are dental appliances that consist of a false tooth or set of teeth secured with titanium rods that are installed into the gum line. While when many people discuss dental implants they are discussing only single implants, there are actually a variety of different implant options. Patients that need multiple teeth replaced, for instance, may opt for an implant bridge. For those that are missing a large portion of their teeth, though, implant dentures may be the best option.

What are Dentures?

Traditional dentures are dental prosthetics that are created to replicate the look of a patient’s natural teeth. They can be made either for partial or full replacements. These appliances are not secured in place, but rather held by the gums of the patient. There are other options for dentures, though, that involve the placement of implants to hold the dentures in place. Some of these options involve the placement of dentures that are removable and clip on to implants. Other options are fixed, and can only be removed by a dentist.

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Teeth in a Day vs Denture Implants

Traditional denture implants are an excellent long-term solution, but they can also take quite a bit of time to place. The placement process for denture implants can be months, and involves multiple surgeries. Because of all of this additional time and effort, traditional denture implants are generally considerably more expensive than Teeth in a Day. Traditional dentures implants also may require a bone graft to properly secure them in place.

The placement of Teeth in a Day, on the other hand, is an extremely quick process. As the name implies, the procedure can be handled in as little as a day. On top of that, Teeth in a Day dentures are a cost-effective option that require less trips to the dentist. They also do not require bone grafting, which can add even more time and procedures.

Advantages of Teeth in a Day

Teeth in a Day restore a patient’s teeth quickly, with a fixed denture that supplies structure and durability. Teeth in a Day allow the patient to chew, bite and speak much closer to the way that they used to than traditional dentures. These dentures also allow the patient to avoid undergoing a lengthy placement procedure that involves surgeries, bone grafting and so much more.

As with other teeth replacement options, Teeth in a Day also complete a patient’s smile—allowing them to smile with pride and confidence.

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Teeth in a Day Process

The placement process of Teeth in a Day is actually quite simple, and can be done in as little as one visit. The first step, though, is to visit the dentist for a consultation. If you still have teeth remaining that need to be pulled, this will need to be completed. Your dentist will also take a look at your jawbone, and see what implant options are available. If they decide that Teeth in a Day is the best replacement option, they will begin the placement procedure.

Using state-of- the-art equipment, your dentist will take a full 3D scan of your mouth. This will allow them to better see all of the muscles, bone, nerves and more. With this scan, they will be able to properly plan out the placement of the Teeth in a Day implants. It is extremely important for the implants to be placed in a way that they are properly stabilized, and your dentist will take care to ensure that your implants will be placed exactly where they need to be. Finally, your dentist will begin the placement procedure for Teeth in a Day implants.

This procedure involves the installation of titanium rods into the jawbone. Once these are secure, your dentist will begin placing the Teeth in a Day prosthetic.


It is very normal to be a little sore after the Teeth in a Day procedure, and because of this, your dentist may prescribe you pain reduction medicine. If they feel it is necessary, they may also provide you with antibiotics. Make sure to properly clean your mouth as your gums heal, and after. If you still have healthy teeth (in the upper or lower portion of your mouth), make sure to continue to take proper care of your teeth. Even if you have no natural teeth left, it is necessary to take good care of your oral health. Even without teeth, you still have gums, cheeks and a tongue to take care of. Continue to brush, floss and rinse your mouth twice a day.

If you notice any additional discomfort or issues with your implant denture, visit your dentist. They will check to see if there are any adjustments that need to be made.