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We all want an amazing smile. You may have even had an outstanding smile in your youth. Over time, though, your smile may have lost its brightness, and your teeth may no longer be in the same condition that they used to be. If this is the case, you may want to speak with a cosmetic dentist about putting together a smile design plan.

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What is a Smile Design Plan?

When you are speaking with your cosmetic dentist about how you want your smile to look, they will work with you to put together a smile design plan that will help you to reach your specific goals for your teeth. This smile design plan is completely customized, and is unique to each individual patient.

In order to create an excellent smile design plan, your dentist will likely take a series of x-rays, and will inspect your teeth for damage, discoloration and decay. From there, they will put a smile design plan together that will not only repair your teeth, but help them to look as amazing as they possibly can.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is a field of dentistry that involves repairing the cosmetic appearance of a patient’s teeth. A cosmetic dentist is able to utilize a variety of different procedures to restore a patient’s smile to how it used to look, or to even give the patient a smile that looks better than ever.

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Procedures involved in Smile Design

There are various procedures that can be used to design the perfect smile for a patient. These different cosmetic dentistry procedures include:

Teeth Whitening

For a brighter smile and whiter teeth, teeth whitening is a must. Teeth whitening is one of the most popular aspects of cosmetic dentistry and smile design, as it allows a patient to remove stains and discoloration from their teeth. While teeth whitening may be an excellent option for some patients, it is not an option for others. A patient’s ability to have their teeth whitened depends on the condition of their enamel. If your enamel is not in good enough condition, your dentist will let you know that teeth whitening is not an option.

When it comes to teeth whitening provided by your dentist, there are two options—at-home and in-office. At-home often takes longer, but is also more affordable. In-office can be a lot quicker—sometimes only 45 minutes with ZOOM! whitening. Both options will give you brighter, whiter teeth.


Braces are an excellent way to realign teeth that may have drifted out of place, remove crowding, fill in gaps and more. There are a few different types of braces to choose from—the most well-known of which being traditional metal braces. These braces are the most affordable, and are excellent for a variety of different alignment issues.

Another popular option is Invisalign. Invisalign braces are nearly invisible, and are made with a durable, clear plastic. They can also be easily removed, allowing a patient to eat, brush their teeth, floss and rinse their mouth out without worrying about their braces getting in the way. While Invisalign are an excellent alternative to traditional braces, they are more expensive, and cannot fix certain alignment issues that traditional braces can resolve.

Dental Implants

Teeth implants are an excellent option for patients that need to have their teeth extracted, or have had their teeth knocked out due to some form of accident. Dental implants involve a titanium rod being installed into the jawbone, which then is attached to a false tooth via an abutment. Teeth implants are strong and durable, and are an excellent tooth replacement option if they are available. There are situations, though, where implants are not available. If a patient’s jawbone cannot support implants, they may need to go with another option—like dental bridges.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a great option for dealing with cracks, gaps, chips and discoloration. Dental bonding is best for minor cosmetic issues, as they aren’t as durable as veneers or dental crowns. Still, they are affordable, and can be completed in as little as one visit to the dentist.

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are an excellent option for patients that have a little more damage to the tooth, but not enough that the entire crown needs to be replaced. Veneers are helpful in treating deeper cracks, broken teeth and other issues that cannot be resolved with dental bonding.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are a replacement option for patients that have teeth that are damaged to the point where they cannot be repaired with veneers. This may be due to injury or tooth decay. A Dental crown requires the reshaping of a natural tooth, in order for the dental crown to be placed over the natural tooth. While some of the tooth needs to be removed to a support crown, a crown still allows a patient to keep some of their natural tooth.

Choosing the Right Procedures

Your cosmetic dentist will work with you to figure out which procedures are right for your individual needs, and for your smile design plan. Some patients only need to have the alignment of their teeth adjusted, while other patients may need a variety of different services to fully complete their smile design plan.

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Can General Dentist Perform a Smile Design?

While some general dentists can provide various cosmetic procedures, not all general dentists are able to provide certain, specialized cosmetic procedures. For instance, braces require a dentist that specializes in orthodontists. Speak with your general dentist about the procedures that they are able to provide, and if they can help you to create a smile design plan. If they are unable to perform the cosmetic procedures necessary, ask for a referral. Your general dentist may know cosmetic dentists and orthodontists that can help you to achieve the goals that you have set for your smile.

Speak with a cosmetic dentist to start planning out your unique smile design plan, and begin the process of creating the perfect smile.