Our Patient Success Gallery

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This is Sandy.  Sandy was born without her permanent cuspids.  She had tiny baby teeth instead of adult teeth.  Sandy had to have orthodontics to correct spacing then we placed dental implants and implant crowns to give her teeth that look like adult teeth and not baby teeth.  You would never know that she has "fake teeth"


This is Jennifer.  Jennifer wanted a prettier smile.  She had braces earlier in life and her teeth had shifted.  She also had some discolorations, broken teeth and an old crown that needed to be replaced.  We were able to do some gum contouring, veneers and crowns to get her smile looking better.


This is Breanna.  When Breanna was 21, another dentist told her that she was going to have to get dentures.  She came to us for a second opinion.  We were able to treat her gum disease and decay and help her keep her teeth!  Breanna is now 31 and has been saving up for veneers to cover up the old bonding and discolorations on her teeth.  She now has a beautiful smile and no dentures.


This is Sarah.  Sarah had been neglecting her teeth for a while and was embarrassed to come in.  Her sister was getting married and she decided that she wanted to get her tooth fixed for the wedding.  We were able to restore her tooth with a buildup and a crown and we were able to do it in ONE day so that she could smile really big on the big day!


This is Brandon.  Brandon was born with a condition known as Amelogenesis Imperfecta. It is a disorder that affects the structure and appearance of the enamel of the teeth. This condition causes teeth to be unusually small, discolored, pitted or grooved, and prone to rapid wear and breakage with early tooth decay and loss. This condition affected all of his teeth so we had to rebuild all of his teeth and give him a totally new healthy smile.


This is Valerie.  Valerie was born with peg laterals.  She has always hated her smile.  She finally decided she wanted to get her smile back.  We were able to do her treatment in one day thanks to our technology.  We used our cad/cam technology CEREC to design and mill her crowns in the  office on the same day!  She was super excited.

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