Ashley Smith

I’m Ashley Smith and I’ve been working at Downtown Dental Excellence since 2014. I started in the Dental Industry in 2003 as a Dental Assistant. My responsibilities include helping our dentists stay organized, efficient, and effective during their appointments. Finding a career path that is local with family around is so rewarding.

I’m a Cleveland native. My husband Justin and I have been married for over 14 years and have two beautiful girls, Abby and Ava. We enjoy spending time at the lake over the weekends and (when I get some free time) I like to shop, watch Netlflix , Grey’s Anatomy, and listen to KSBJ/Country Music.

I love the technology side of what I do. Participating in CEREC and Dental Implant procedures keeps my job interesting and exciting. It’s amazing what our services do for our patients. They leave confident and proud of their smiles.