Can you Get Veneers With Missing Teeth?

Can You Get Veneers with Missing Teeth?
Today, thanks to the many dental treatment options available, you don’t have to live embarrassed and unhappy with your smile. There is likely a dental treatment option that is just right for you. If you are missing a tooth or several teeth, you may be interested in finding the right teeth replacement treatment. Unfortunately, with so much information and so many treatment options available, it’s easy to become confused about what is and isn’t possible in terms of replacing a missing tooth. Below is more information to help you determine what tooth replacement treatment may be right for you.

Can Veneers Replace Missing Teeth?
If you have recently heard of dental veneers, you may be wondering if they can be used to replace missing teeth. In short, veneers cannot replace missing teeth. The reason why is because there needs to be a tooth to attach a dental veneer to. Veneers are thin porcelain covers that are bonded to the front of the teeth. Veneers are commonly used to cover discoloration, stains, chips or cracks.

Why is it Important to Replace Missing Teeth?
It is common for adults to dismiss or put off replacing a missing tooth, especially if it is located in a place that is not easily seen. Unfortunately, a missing tooth can negatively affect your overall oral health in a number of ways. Initially, a missing tooth allows room for the other teeth to shift, potentially allowing them to become crooked, crowded, or more susceptible to gum disease. Overtime, a missing tooth can increase the risk of bone loss, gum disease, and eventually additional missing teeth.

How to Treat a Missing Tooth
Thanks to advances in dental technology, there are many affordable, reliable, and effective treatment options to replace missing teeth. One of the most popular treatment options is dental implant treatment. A dental implant is a metal post that acts like the root of the new replacement tooth. Unlike many of the alternative treatments, once the implant treatment is complete, the implant has permanently replaced your tooth. Other treatment options, such as dentures and bridges, are easy and effective, but may involve maintenance, repeat fittings and repairs, and overtime can become loose.

Why are Dental Implants the Best Treatment for a Missing Tooth?
Due to their secure placement in the jawbone, dental implants are the most stable and durable tooth replacement treatment option. The durability, stability, and enhanced appearance are all benefits of dental implant treatment. Dental implants look and feel just like natural teeth and are effective in everyday chewing and speaking. Most importantly, if maintained correctly, dental implants can last a lifetime.

What to Do if You Have a Missing Tooth?
There are various tooth replacement options available if you have a missing tooth, and there is truly something for everyone. Some patients prefer permanent crowns while others may prefer implant supported dentures to replace a number of missing teeth. If you are looking for the right option for you, have a conversation with your dentist, and discuss your needs and preferences, and what options may be best for you.