Cost of Wisdom Teeth Removal

Need your wisdom teeth removed, but worried about how much the procedure is going to cost? This is a common experience for many individuals. To face this challenge, the best place to start is so get informed on what the average wisdom tooth extraction procedure will cost and what factors influence these estimated costs. Below is more information to get you started on budgeting for your upcoming extraction procedure.

Factors influencing wisdom tooth extraction cost

There are many factors that will influence the costs of a wisdom tooth extraction procedure. For example, the health of the teeth, the position of the wisdom teeth in the jaw, and whether or not the tooth has fully erupted or come through the skin, are all factors that can influence how much the extraction procedure will cost. Here are a few different example scenarios:

  • Fully erupted wisdom teeth: If all of your wisdom teeth have come through the skin and are fully erupted this is the simplest and cheapest procedure. This type of procedure will only take about twenty minutes and therefore the total costs involving time and anesthesia needs will all be lower as well. Lastly, fully erupted teeth can be removed by a regular dentist rather than surgeon.
  • Impacted wisdom tooth under tissue: When your wisdom teeth are stuck under soft tissue a small incision in the tissue will have to be made to remove them. This procedure will need to be done by an oral surgeon which will increase the cost. Further, stiches will be needed after the procedure. Overall, this scenario is fairly simple and still somewhat less expensive.
  • Impacted wisdom tooth under bone: When your wisdom teeth are trapped in the jawbone under some bone, the extraction procedure becomes more difficult.  This procedure may take more time and may require more anesthesia. Anesthesia costs are driven by the amount of time, in 15 or 20-minute increments.

Does insurance cover wisdom tooth extraction?

Most dental insurance policies will cover some or all of the costs associated with wisdom tooth removal. Trying to pay out of pocket for the extraction procedure can be very pricey. As your starting to budget for your extraction you should contact your insurance company and check with them about what your policy will and won’t cover.

How to save money on extraction procedures

While you may not be able to delay the removal of your wisdom teeth, you may be able to save some money by following a few tips:

  • Your geographic location is one of the factors that can dramatically influence the cost of your extraction procedure. Therefore changing your location, or going outside of your city or state is one way to bring the cost of your extraction down.
  • Go to a dental school. Having your extraction procedure performed by a dental student will help to reduce the costs of the procedure. Overall the procedure may be slower, but you will save on costs.
  • Check out dental discount plans. Used along with insurance or used independently, discount plans give access to discounts on all dental procedures.

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