How Much Does Crown Lengthening Cost?

Nearly one third of young Americans are not comfortable showing off their smile.  If you find that you are in that category because you are not confident with the amount of gums, then you are in a position to change that.  No one should have to hold back their smile from the rest of the world and with crown lengthening, you do not have to any more.

What exactly is crown lengthening?

At your next dental appointment, talk to your dentist about the current look of your teeth and what you would like to improve.  If your gums take up more of your smile than your teeth or your gum line is uneven and leaves you with a crooked smile, your dentist can help reshape your gums to give you a fuller and more symmetrical smile.  Your dentist can remove extra gum tissue and even some bone from the top of your teeth to expose more tooth.  Your teeth will look longer and will change the overall look of your smile.

Why get crown lengthening?

Some people talk to their dentist to improve the overall aesthetics of their smiles from crown lengthening in cleveland texas.  And some dentists recommend crown lengthening to improve the health of your teeth and gums.

Tooth Decay and Repair

If you are suffering from tooth damage from decay or from an accident, your dentist will help you with a treatment plan to save your tooth and to prevent further problems.  Most often the dentist will use a filling to help strengthen the tooth after removing the damaged tissue.  If the damage extends below the gum line, the dentist may need to remove some gum tissue to fully address the problem.  The dentist may also recommend crown lengthening if your tooth does not have an adequate surface to attach the crown or filling for repair.

Gummy Smile

Some people turn to crown lengthening to change how their smile looks.  If you see more gum than tooth when you smile and you want to adjust that or your gum line is not symmetrical, crown lengthening can bring more balance to your grin.

How Much Does Crown Lengthening Cost?

Crown lengthening is not as easy as pricing a gallon of milk, but more like pricing out a new car.  It depends on a number of factors; first and foremost, your location will affect the price.  If you live in a big city or on the East or West coast, you will pay a higher price than someone in the midwest or someone in a smaller city.

If you are having the procedure to repair tooth decay, your insurance policy may cover all the costs of your surgery or a portion of it.  If you are having the procedure to improve the aesthetics of your smile, your insurance policy is less likely to cover any or the procedure.  Either way, be sure to talk to the billing department to talk about approximate costs and payment options.  Healthy budgets are just as important as healthy smiles.

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If you are having the procedure on more than one tooth, the procedure will increase in cost as the number of teeth increase.  In most instances, to have gum tissue removed is $50 to $350 and to reshape the gum tissue around the tooth.  The total can increase to over $1,000 for multiple teeth.