How Much Does a Dental Bridge Cost?

We can’t specifically give you a cost for your pending dental bridge. We can give you a range. Even the range will vary depending on both your situation and the type of bridge that you and your dentist agree on. We’ll look at the four types and the procedural differences that contribute to the cost differences.

The Traditional Bridge

This dental bridge will start with the two adjacent teeth. These two teeth, called the abutment teeth, will both be receiving dental crowns. To do so the dentist must remove a thin layer of your original enamel. The crowns and the artificial tooth, called the pontic, are fabricated at a dental lab. Usually the material used is a porcelain enamel. The pontic is affixed to the two crowns and the crowns are cemented on to the abutment teeth. The gap is now filled and you have three naturally looking teeth. The cost range for this dental bridge is between $700 and $1,500. The material used is a factor as well as the amount of time making the original impression and the preparation for the crowns. This is also the most popular bridge chosen today.

The Maryland Bridge

This type of dental bridge is considered a more conservative approach. Still requiring two anchor or abutment teeth, this bridge will not put crowns on those two teeth. Instead, once the dental lab has the impression as their roadmap, they will suspend the artificial tooth on a wire framework and then this framework will hook around on the back side of the two abutment teeth. This is sometimes a consideration if you are thinking later about replacing the bridge with a dental implant. Then you have not removed the enamel of the two adjoining teeth. The cost for this bridge ranges from $600 to $1,200.

The Cantilever Bridge

This bridge is like the traditional bridge introducing the crown over the abutment tooth, but therein lies the difference. With this method you only have one anchor tooth and the pontic is bonded to the one crown. This type of bridge will range in cost from around $500 to $1,200.

The Implant-Supported Bridge

This is a unique bridge used when you are missing three teeth in a row. The missing middle tooth is replaced with a dental implant. The implant then becomes a third anchor or abutment tooth to support the two pontics bridging the gaps to your two natural teeth. This cost is more difficult to pinpoint. The implant may cost you close to $3,000 and then you basically have two bridges that range $700 to $1,500 each.

The Benefits with Choosing a Dental Bridge Solution

Whichever bridge you chose your first identifiable benefit is that of your smile. Returning with your smile is your self-confidence and your self-esteem. You will also have a natural bite pattern and the ability to chew and speak normally. The neighboring teeth will be held in place and not drifting into the gap. This will also maintain your normal and natural face shape. The dental bridge is certainly a dental value.

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