How Much Do Dentures Cost?

When deciding on what dental restoration is right for you, cost is always a factor. With dental appliances such as dentures cleveland tx, you will want to also take into consideration the fact that you may require extractions at your oral surgeon’s office. Dentures are an investment in your quality of life and will need maintenance just like the organic teeth you once had. Regular visits to your dentist will ensure your investment is well taken care of for years to come!

Immediate vs. traditional

Once you and your dentist have determined that dentures are the way to go, there are a couple more options to consider.

  • Traditional dentures are fabricated using a mold made from impressions taken of your mouth. They typically take a couple of weeks to be made which will allow healing time from any extractions you may have required. After they have been created, they are set in your mouth and any necessary adjustments are made.
  • Immediate dentures, however, are placed directly following any extractions and are able to assist in protecting the area as it heals. These typically require a follow up visit for adjustments after the healing process is complete. Immediate dentures are generally more costly than traditional ones.

Full dentures are used to replace all of the teeth in your mouth. If most of your teeth have fallen or or have been extracted, your dentist may advise having the remaining teeth extracted as well in order to fit you with a beautiful new prosthetic denture. This denture will cover both your upper and lower arch entirely. The top will also cover the roof of your mouth but the bottom will be horseshoe shaped as to leave space for your tongue.

Partial dentures replace a number of missing teeth in one area of your mouth. This version is advisable for patients who still have enough healthy teeth so that a partial can be anchored to them. An acrylic base is constructed with metal or acrylic clasps to be attached to the neighboring healthy teeth.

Implant supported dentures are a more costly option but offer a more sturdy support base than that of other types. After any remaining teeth are extracted, four dental implants are placed. These implants will anchor your denture into your mouth. While this option is considerably more secure, the maintenance can add additional cost so be sure to inquire as to the upkeep.

So keep in mind the overall cost of dentures will vary on a couple of things: type of denture, other procedures to be completed before you can have your denture placed and maintenance of your new investment. While it may seem daunting at first, this is truly an investment in your overall health. Not restoring your mouth has its own costly consequences, including loss of gum and jawbone and facial structure. Your appearance can actually change when teeth are left unattended. Make an appointment to discuss your options with your doctor and have a full treatment plan laid out for you.

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