Types of Dentures

There are a few different options to consider when deciding if dentures in cleveland may be right for you. From partial dentures to implant supported dentures, there is something to meet your individual wants and needs. It is important for the overall health of your mouth to restore missing teeth. When spaces are allowed to remain, healthy teeth may shift and cause problems in the future. A consultation with your dentist will lay out your options and ease your decision making!

What are dentures?

A dentures is a custom made dental appliance which is used to replace missing teeth. Replacing your teeth is not only beneficial to your confidence but to your health, as it allows you to bite and chew properly. Whether you are missing all of your teeth or just a few in one area of your mouth, a denture may be the right choice for you. Allowing spaces to remain can give healthy teeth the ability to migrate and contribute to the degeneration of your gums and jawbone.

Types of dentures

Most people are familiar with a full denture that fills the entire mouth but there are actually a few different types. Most are easily removed as needed. Only implant supported dentures require a trip to the dentist to be removed. All types may need additional visits to your dentist’s office for adjustments to get the perfect fit.

  • Traditional dentures are fabricated using a model made from impressions of your mouth which your dentist will take. Once they are made, you will see your dentist to have them placed and fit.
  • Immediate dentures are placed directly following extraction. This is a nice option as you are not without teeth following extraction surgery. An immediate denture would act to protect the extraction site and help with the healing process.
  • A partial denture is used to restore an area of the mouth which is missing just a few teeth. Partials usually require the use of clasps to attach to the healthy teeth next to it. These clasps are often metal but tooth colored or even clear acrylic is an option. Partials are ideal for patients who do not want to go the route of a fixed bridge, which cannot be removed.
  • A full denture is the type that takes place of all of the teeth. Both the upper and lower arches are covered using an adhesive to secure the denture in place.
  • Implant supported dentures use surgically placed implants to reconstruct the mouth. The arches of newly fabricated teeth are screwed into the implants. Be sure to ask your dentist about the care and upkeep for these as you cannot remove them yourself.

If any of these sound like they could be an solution for your dental needs, give your dentist a call and set up a consultation. They will go into detail regarding the process for fabricating your new denture and make sure that you understand the maintenance procedures that will be required to keep your new smile shiny and healthy!

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