How Much Does an Emergency Dentist Cost?

Oral trauma can happen to anyone at anytime. You never know what awaits you around each corner. When oral trauma happens, you may be in need of seeking out an emergency dentist cleveland texas. If this is you, you may be facing the terror of the amount that this dental visit will cost. This will hopefully provide you with some rough guidelines to help you avoid the sticker shock.

How do I know if I need an emergency visit?

There are a few common injuries that typically end up needing emergency dental care. The most obvious of which is if your tooth is suddenly knocked out. If this has happened to you because of an accident or sports injury, you need to seek out a dentist right away. Similarly, if your tooth suffers a severe crack or breaks, you need dental care immediately. Exposed roots can lead to more significant oral issues if left untreated for too long.

There are occasions too when pain becomes an issue because of oral problems left untreated and this pain needs to be addressed quickly. This can result in root canals, extracted teeth, and crowns needing to be put on.

How much does each cost?

Unfortunately, if you are in need of emergency care the bill is probably going to be higher than if you are seeing your dentist regularly. Your location in the country can play a huge part in cost. Typically, the coasts and large cities tend to be more expensive. If your area has a higher cost of living, you can guess that your costs might be on the higher end. Similarly, dental insurance can significantly decrease the cost of the procedure. The estimates listed here are without dental insurance.

Root canals are typically a pretty expensive experience. The location in your mouth matters a lot when considering the cost of a root canal. Front teeth are typically the least expensive to treat and run between $700-$900. The farther back in your mouth you go, the more expensive. Molars typically cost between $1,000-$1,200. The other major consideration related to the price is the severity of the issue. The more severe the infection, the more extensive the procedure has to be.

Another really common procedure at emergency dental visits is tooth extraction. This can happen because of severe infection or if a tooth is broken or cracked severely. The type of extraction will determine the cost. If you are able to have your tooth extracted by just using local anesthesia the cost will typically be between $75-$300. If the extraction requires that you be anesthetized in order to remove the tooth, the cost is typically between $200-$600.

Other procedures that sometimes have to be done are cavity fillings and dental crowns. If you need an emergency filling because you have a crack in your tooth or minimal damage, the cost is typically between $100 and $250. Crowns on the other hand are more expensive. If a tooth is broken but can be saved, a crown may be used. Crowns typically cost between $1,200 and $1,400.

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