How Much Does Gum Contouring Cost?

Gum contouring can be used to treat gum recession from periodontal disease or to correct uneven gums or a gummy smile. A gummy smile may be caused by genetics or prescription medications. Periodontal disease can also be influenced by genetics or medication or simply poor oral hygiene. Gum contouring is a simple procedure that is completed by either a Dentist or a Periodontist.

Gum Contouring Procedure

The area to be treated is thoroughly numbed with a local anesthetic so you do not feel anything. In the case of a gummy smile, excess tissue is removed to expose more tooth structure. Uneven gums can be corrected by removing tissue to make the gum line even. Most doctors prefer to use a soft tissue laser to remove gum tissue, though a scalpel can also be used. It takes 15 to 30 minutes unless you have more extensive work to be done. Your doctor will be able to give you a better time estimate according to your individual case.

After your surgery is done, expect your recovery time to be one week to ten days. The more you allow your body to rest and heal, the faster you will be back to your regular routines and eating habits! You will be given a list of pre-op and post-op instructions and it is very important to follow them so that you prevent infection and heal as quickly as possible. You will also be given a list of foods to avoid, like crunchy foods and acidic beverages.

Gum Contouring Cost

The extent of treatment needed will affect your overall fee. One tooth ranges from $50 to $350 with the fee for all front teeth ranging from $1000 to $3000. If your Dentist can provide treatment, their fee may be significantly lower than that of a Periodontist, who specializes in gums.

Treatment for a gummy smile or uneven gum line is usually considered cosmetic and not likely to be covered by dental insurance. Treatment for gum recession, however, may be deemed medically necessary and your insurance may cover some of the cost.

Additional Costs with Gum Contouring

If you are having gum tissue removed to prepare a tooth for restoration such as bonding, crowns or veneers, there will be additional fees associated with the restoration. Bonding can add $150 to $750 per tooth and crowns and veneers can tack on $500 to $2000 per tooth.

Discounts and Financing

If you have been advised to have gum contouring, you may consider looking into a dental school or a continuing education program. The providers at dental schools are supervised by trained dentists and you may be able to secure a smaller fee. If that does not interest you, your dentist may offer in-house or third-party financing to help ease the cost of treatment.

Your Dentist will be able to help you determine if gum contouring is the best treatment option for you. If they do not provide the treatment, they will be able to refer you to a provider they trust. They may also have information on dental schools for you to look into.

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