How Long Do Implant Supported Dentures Last?

Implant supported dentures in Cleveland Texas will last considerably longer than traditional or conventional dentures, but that extended life expectancy comes with a price. As you review your options you might want to take into consideration the other health benefits of implant supported dentures as you develop a value, benefit and cost analysis. Let’s take a quick look at the procedures for these replacement options and identify the life expectancy and the cost associated with each.

The Procedure for Traditional or Conventional Dentures

Once your teeth have been extracted and the soft tissue of the gums healed an impression of your arch will be made and given to a dental lab. A flesh colored acrylic tray will be molded to sit snugly on your gums. The color will also be chosen to match your natural gums. Then ceramic or porcelain artificial crowns will be placed into the tray. Just like that you have replacement teeth. A mild adhesive is all that is needed to keep them in place, and they need to be removed every evening for regular cleaning.

The Implant Supported Dentures Procedure

The process is the same as the traditional dentures with two exceptions. The tray itself will be smaller and lighter since it does not rely on fitting snugly to remain in place. That is done by the implanted anchor posts. The decision will be made to use two, four or six posts to support your dentures. After a local anesthetic is applied a small incision allows access to the jawbone. Here a small hole is drilled, and a titanium post is placed. An extension is placed on this post called an abutment. After several months the titanium post will become fused to the bone. When that has happened the already finished set of implant supported dentures are placed on the tops of the abutments. A nylon clip will be on the back side of the tray to snap on to the post. No adhesive necessary and no slipping.

The Benefits and Cost Ranges for Both Options

Traditional dentures can cost between as little as $1,300 to $3,500 depending on materials used and any pending individual difficulties. Implant supported dentures can cost from $7,000 to $40,000 depending on the number of implants used and again additional materials and difficulties. In comparing the costs consider that traditional dentures last five to ten years where an implant supported denture can last more than twenty years.

With conventional dentures your gums will change since there is no physical support attached to the dentures. This is a deciding factor with life expectancy. Implant supported dentures are the far healthier option as the posts act as roots keeping integrity with the jawbone and not allowing atrophy. You will have better biting and chewing sensations as well as speech. As with your natural teeth there will be proper oral hygiene instructions and habits to adhere to so you can extend the life of either dentures. We haven’t even mentioned your smile and the value placed on that personal asset.

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