Implant Supported Dentures vs Regular Dentures

Dentures are designed as a removable replacement for missing teeth. A conventional or traditional set of dentures has been a viable option for years and technology has improved the final product for this solution. An implanted supported denture at Downtown Dental Excellence is a newer product combining the technology of two replacement options; introducing the surgically placed implant supporting the denture. There are a number of differences with these two choices. First, we’ll look quickly at the procedures, the relative costs, then we’ll lay out the benefits of each to determine those differences.

The Conventional Denture Procedure

Once all the teeth have been removed from the arch in question and the soft tissue of the gums are healed an impression is made of the arch. This impression gives the dental lab the foundation to create a flesh colored acrylic tray that will sit snuggly in the gums. Then artificial teeth fabricated in either ceramic or porcelain are placed into that tray. The tray and teeth sit on the gum tissue and are held in place with a mild adhesive. They are designed to be removed every evening, so you clean and soak them as well as brushing your gums.

The Implant Supported Dentures

This procedure is everything mentioned above with the traditional method with the addition of four or six implant posts that anchor the tray. A dental implant process begins with minor oral surgery. A local anesthetic is administered first. Once the tissue is numb a small incision allows access to the jawbone. A small hole is drilled, and a titanium post is inserted. This post will usually need several months to fuse to the bone. After this has happened an extension, or abutment, is added to the post. The dentures are designed with a nylon clip that will snap on to these posts.

The Differences between Implant Supported Dentures and Conventional Dentures

The differences start with cost. A traditional arch will cost from $1,300 to $3,200. Double that for a set of upper and lowers. Adding the implant anchors dramatically increases the cost. You now start at around $7,000 and can go over $35,000. With that having been said we know look at the benefits of each solution that are related to value.

  • Life Expectancy- Conventional dentures will last about five to eight years. The Implanted version will now last 20 years.
  • Comfort-Traditional dentures can rub against the gums and cause some discomfort. Implant supported are fixed in place improving the sensation coming from chewing and biting.
  • Strength- You can apply far more pressure with the implant supported version. They will also not move at all.
  • Healthier- The implant supported version is far better for the health of your jawbone. It will keep the bone from atrophying away. It will do the same for the arch itself as it often wants to shrink.

Consider these dramatic differences when consulting with your dentist. Depending on your age and your lifestyle often times implant supported dentures end up being the better option. Biting, chewing, speaking and healthy bone structure contributes to a healthy smile and more self-confidence.

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