Invisalign Reviews

Cleveland Invisalign clear aligner therapy is a great way to straighten your teeth. Straight teeth are easier to clean and therefore are healthier than crooked and overlapping teeth. Below are a few patient reviews of their Invisalign experience.

Patient Reviews of Invisalign Orthodontic Treatment


4 JUL 2019 4:56 PM

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fitting in a lot better with my lifestyle!

I have definitely found that as I am now over half way through my treatment, the aligners are fitting in a lot better with my lifestyle! The best tip I have is to buy denture cleaner tablets (sounds odd but does the trick) and every morning I will soak the aligners for a few minutes while I brush my teeth and they are fresh and clean and it gets rid of that icky morning feeling. I find that my voice has completely adjusted now as I was so worried about the lisp at first but it went away quite soon.

I wear my Invisalign at least 20 hours a day including at work and at the gym – I am still very aware that they are there but I know that others aren’t so I don’t struggle as much with being self-conscious. The most inconvenient part is taking them out to eat, especially when you go to events where they are bringing around platters or food and drink and after trying a few times I no longer wear them to events but make sure to have them on me and put them on for the trip back so I don’t lose as much wear time.

I also struggled with wearing them during sickess ie. Flu/tonsiltis and asked for advice for my practice who recommended to clean them more often and try and wear them when possible – when I was really unwell it just wasn’t possible to have them in all the time but worst case scenario you can extend your treatment a few days. I am definitely seeing improvements in my teeth alignment, I am up to aligner 23 out of 37 so I still have a while to go but the look of my teeth has changed drastically which is pretty exciting. I have found that as im now in the latter half of my treatment, my teeth seem to be adjusting to new aligners quicker and with less pain.



18 JUN 2019 11:41 PM

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Worth It

The day I got my invisalign I cried because It was uncomfortable, I was overthinking the way It looked, and my speech was off. I remember thinking what did i get myself into?! Flash forward to a year later, and I have zero regrets. After the first week, things became more normal and no one really notices them. You can see them, sure, but if you're going to a big event just leave them out - the show goes on. Additionally, set realistic expectations. I did mine for an overbite, and could not be happier with the results, but I know a lot of that is because of being logical. I still have a semi overbite, but invisalign did wonders to It and I feel so much more confident now!Worth every annoying time brushing 5 times a day, waiting to drink my coffee, etc. If this is something you have been thinking about, just jump and do It - the quicker you starter the quicker you will be done - you won't ever regret It! and hang in there if you're like me on those first days - It will be worth It.

Ideal For...: those who just need smaller changes, and those wanting to not be in invisalign or braces during big important functions because you can just leave them out for that night!



7 MAR 2019 3:31 PM

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So excited to see the final result!

So I’m almost done with my Invisalign treatment and I’m getting so excited because I can finally see what the end results will look like!

By this stage, putting in and taking out my retainers has become a second-nature practice.

They're so easy to quickly remove for an event or a lunch and slip back on right after. Even after having elastics added into my treatment, the process is just as simple and easy! (Top tip: bring a few extra elastics around with you in your Invisalign case. They're so tiny and easy to lose, so a few extras on hand is definitely a good idea.)

I've only got a few more aligners left now, and almost all of my teeth issues have disappeared! Crooked teeth, gone! Overlapping, no more! I feel like I can finally smile with confidence in photos, and not be as worried about food getting caught in my teeth.

I’m also so used to the feeling of putting on new sets of aligners at this stage! I only get a little bit of tenderness on the first day, then it goes away! I’m also finding that I can almost use the Dental Monitoring App (which I use to scan my teeth before changing aligners) with my eyes closed! (Almost, hahaha)

So excited to see the final result!

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