Is Gum Contouring Right For You?

Self-confidence shines through when you smile and having a smile that makes you feel less than confident is worth correcting. If you have a gummy smile, where your gum tissue covers too much of your tooth structure, or if your gum line is uneven, it can easily be corrected with simple gum contouring. Your Dentist or Periodontist can provide the treatment you need to obtain a smile you love!

Who can gum contouring help?

Gum contouring can treat gum recession, where the gums are drawn away from the teeth too much and causing sensitivity. Left untreated, gum recession can lead to bone loss, loose teeth and even loss of a tooth altogether. Periodontal gum contouring treats recession by reshaping the receding area. We have spaces between our gums and teeth called pockets. When bacteria and plaque collect in the pockets, they can cause the gums to pull away from the surface of the tooth, exposing the roots and causing sensitivity. Contouring is used to clean out the gum pockets, eradicating plaque build-up and the collection of bacteria. As the gums heal, they are able to heal closer to the tooth surface to cover the roots and keep the bone level from deteriorating.

Contouring can also treat a gummy smile by simply removing excess tissue. A gummy smile is when the gum tissue covers too much of the tooth structure which can be genetic or the result of certain medications.

Gum Contouring Procedure

Your dentist or periodontist will apply a topical numbing agent before administering a local anesthetic to the area to be worked on. Most dentists use a soft tissue laser to remove the excess gum tissue and expose more tooth surface. In the case of gum recession, the same laser is used to reshape the tissue and rid the pockets of bacteria and plaque, sealing the area to prevent re-infection.

Oral Hygiene After Gum Contouring

While your gums heal, you will want to be extremely gentle while brushing and flossing for a few weeks. Do not use any mouth rinses that containing alcohol, opting instead for a warm salt water rinse. The warm rinse will help keep the area clean and remove food particles after eating. It will also soothe the swelling and tenderness. Keeping everything clean will prevent infection and speed your recovery.

Cost of Gum Contouring

The fee per tooth can range from $600 to $2000. Determining factors include the severity of your case and who is treating you. Periodontists are gum specialists and will likely have a higher fee. Dental insurance may cover some of the cost to treat recession if it is deemed medically necessary but and gummy smile is generally considered cosmetic and unlikely to be covered.

Having a smile you love can make a huge difference in the way you feel about yourself. If you think that you would benefit from gum contouring, set up a consultation with your dentist to determine if contouring is the best course of treatment for you.

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