IV Sedation Dentistry

If you immediately get anxious when it is suggested you visit a dentist you are not alone. Over 15% of the population in the United States experience some form of dental anxiety or dental phobias. The sources may vary but it doesn’t matter if it is real to you. Sedation dentistry cleveland tx is a solution to help you address your dental needs. There are various options and IV sedation is a nice middle of the road choice.

The Different Types of Sedation Dentistry

There are different types of sedation available that can match up with the level of your anxiety. The dentist may in different states have different licenses and certifications to offer the different types. Your first option is inhaled minimal sedation. Often called laughing gas the nitrous oxide is inhaled through a mask placed over your nose. The amount given can be controlled and the gas does not last very long. You will relax in the chair and be able to drive home after the procedure. The second method is oral sedation. You simply take a pill and you will become drowsy but still awake. The IV sedation is administered intravenously through a vein. The anesthesia works quickly and allows the dentist to adjust the level being given. The final method is general anesthesia. The medication will make you either almost unconscious or totally asleep.

What are the Specifics of IV Sedation Dentistry

The four types of sedation provide different levels of sedation. This is the result of a conversation with your dentist in determining your level of anxiety and even your own definition of fear. The laughing gas is minimal. Oral and IV can both deliver moderate to deep sedation since the dentist can control the levels of sedation used. Moderate sedation is when you slur your words and you may not remember much about the procedure. Deep sedation can be reached through IV sedation and this puts you on the edge of consciousness but easily awakened. General anesthesia puts you completely unconscious.

IV sedation is provided through the vein and is easy for the dentist to control. He can change the amount of sedation by watching your reactions, or your anxiety diminish. It will make you drowsy but able to communicate with the dentist. Again, you may have no memory of the procedure once the IV sedation has worn off.

How do you know if You Qualify?

If you have had a painful dental experience you may have developed your dental anxiety from that reason. Some patients feel helpless and that they have loss control when in the dental chair. Being self-conscious or embarrassed about someone being inside your mouth is yet another reason. Some signs to share with your dental team is if you feel tense and are having trouble sleeping before a scheduled dental exam. Your nervousness builds sitting in the waiting room. The thought of a dental visit can make you feel physically ill. Any of these levels of anxiety make you a perfect candidate for sedation dentistry. IV sedation might be a good place to start as you create new and better experiences and memories.

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