Jaw Pain

If you find yourself rubbing your jaw at the end of the day to relieve pain, you may think you are suffering from TMD or Temporomandibular Disorder. Many jaw problems and jaw pains come as a result of TMD but there are other reasons you’re suffering. Jaw pain can even be a symptom of more serious health problems so it is important to discuss it with the dentist or physician if it lasts longer than 24 hours or it is severe.

Teeth Grinding – Bad Bite and Overuse

Jaw pain can come from the excessive pressure on your jaw caused by grinding your teeth in your sleep. The teeth, gums and even the muscles around the mouth can cause the jaw pain without treatment.

For other people, when their teeth are misaligned, the teeth wear down unevenly. The uneven bite pattern can cause pain in the jaw but it can be corrected by shifting the teeth into a more comfortable position.

If you do not give your jaw time to rest because you chew gum or you extend the time your jaw works every day, then you are likely to experience a sore jaw. You can give your jaw a break and see if this helps improve how your jaw feels.

Different Infections May Cause Your Jaw To Hurt

When your body is fighting off an infection, the body usually experiences swelling and pressure in the infected area. If you have a sinus infection, the added pressure from your sinus cavities can cause jaw pain. If you have an ear infection, the added pressure in the area near your jaw and ears can cause jaw pain. If you have an infected tooth or an abscess in your gums, the pain can move from the immediate area to the whole jaw. If you think you may have an infection, be sure to make an appointment with the dentist or a medical professional. Untreated infections may lead to more serious and complicated issues.

Your Jaw Is A Joint And Can Suffer Joint Diseases

Osteoarthritis is typically an issue you associate with hips or hands, but your jaw is a joint just like those larger areas. An appointment with your physician can help determine if your jaw has osteoarthritis.

A Dull Pain In Your Left Lower Jaw Should Never Be Ignored

Many people know that pain the left arm can be indicator of a heart attack, but pain in your lower left jaw can also indicate that your heart is in trouble. Lower left jaw pain is a way your body is asking for immediate medical attention.

Other Reasons You May Experience Jaw Pain

You may think that your jaw pain is undiagnosed temporomandibular disease, but there are a number of other issues that can cause the same jaw pain. People can experience jaw pain as a result of an allergic reaction, stress, the flu or a cold. Take the time to talk to the dentist about any jaw pain in order to address any underlying health problems.

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