Is Laser Dentistry Safe?

Today, dental practices are rapidly changing as technology advances. You may be surprised the next time you go to the dentist and find new instruments being used to perform common dental procedures. One of these new instruments will likely be a laser.  Since the mid 1990s, the use of lasers has become more popular in dental practice. It is anticipated in the next decade that lasers will take an even bigger role in laser dentistry in cleveland texas practice. You may be wondering how lasers are used in dental procedures and if their use is safe? Here is a bit more information about laser dentistry and how it is performed safely.

How Lasers Work in Dentistry

A laser is a hand-held instrument that works by delivering a small narrow light beam at high power. In dental procedures, the laser works as a cutting instrument or a heat instrument. When used for cutting away tissue or removing tooth decay the laser instrument is much quicker and more precise than using a manual tool. During the teeth-whitening treatment, the heat of the laser is used to activate the tooth-bleaching agent. Overall, lasers are used in various dental procedures to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the procedure.

The Uses of Laser Dentistry

Here are some of the ways lasers can be used safely in dental procedures:

  • Help expose wisdom teeth that are partially impacted
  • Help remove muscle ligaments that limit movement
  • Help reduce and reshape diseased gum tissue
  • Reduce overgrown gum tissue
  • Help expedite tissue biopsy
  • Help remove tooth decay during root canal
  • Speed up tooth-whitening procedures

Overall, there are many advantages to using lasers in dental procedures. The use of laser instruments reduces the need to use drills, traditional instruments, and anesthesia. While lasers are not only safe, efficient, and effective, they also help to improve the patient experience by reducing pain. Lastly, lasers can help reduce symptoms and healing time after dental procedures, and the likelihood of post-treatment infection.

Are Lasers Safe?

Dental lasers are safe when used properly by trained dental practitioners. One of the things that help keep you safe during laser dentistry is to wear eye protection during the procedure. Protective eyewear helps to protect your eyes from damaged caused by the laser light. The best way you can assure that laser dentistry is safe for you, is to make sure your dentist is well-trained and experienced in laser dentistry. Prior to undergoing any dental procedure that will use lasers you should have a discussion with your dentist about their training and experience. Each laser instrument is different and the manufacturer provides training specific to that instrument. Additionally, many dental schools and associations offer dental laser education training thanks to the growing popularity. Be sure to find out how well educated your dentist is prior to scheduling your next procedure. If you are not comfortable with the experience of your dentist, do some research to help you find a local dentist who can safely perform laser dentistry procedures.

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