Lisa Battley

Hello, my name is Lisa Battley and I graduated dental hygiene school in 1989 and have been working with Dr. Sikes since 2006. I feel very blessed to work with such a good group of people who share my love of dentistry and desire to provide excellent dental care to our patients. When patients have healthy, well cared for mouth, we all win. My great passion is to help my patients achieve this level of dental health while also positively affecting their overall health.

When you come in for your dental appointment, we will help you decide on a plan of action, make treatment recommendations, and offer assistance to help you make the best choices for getting your mouth back to a maintainable level of health. Our office has the most up to date technology that is available. With this technology, we can really get to the root of your dental issues. No single approach is right for everyone and I have been trained to listen to my patients and look for identifying factors that will help us trace these back to the actual cause of the problem. In doing so, our doctors can properly diagnose issues and offer solutions that will help our patients achieve great dental health.

I have had the tremendous opportunity of attending some of the best continuing education courses on dental sleep medicine and with the assistance of our doctors, I can help correct some of these issues that are keeping you from getting a restful night’s sleep. Sleep disturbances have far reaching implications towards your overall health and most patients are not even aware that we can help them with these issues. We want to help our patients get good quality sleep without interruptions from snoring or clenching and grinding. We can assess your sleep patterns or sleep issues with an at home sleep study machine that helps us properly diagnose your sleep disturbances and if necessary, make you a sleep appliance that will change your life. With this device we can determine quality, or lack thereof, of your sleep. If we identify issues such as daytime fatigue, snoring, or worn teeth, we can make recommendations to help our patients correct these negative habits that contribute to poor quality of health. We are now discovering that even things such as elevated blood pressure can be related to sleep disturbances and we feel like we can assist our patients in finally getting some of these issues that they have dealt with for years under control.

I am so excited, even after 30 years of being a dental hygienist, to be able to offer new solutions to old problems. The truth is, patients see us more often than they even see their physician so we have an awesome opportunity to help them figure out how to achieve the highest level of health possible.

One question that we are asked often is, do you see kids? We love seeing your entire family including any children that are part of it. I love making their dental appointments enjoyable in a fun dental office while teaching them and their parents how to properly care for their teeth and avoid dental problems. I have found that helping them have a positive first dental appointment just sets the tone for really good future appointments.

Our greatest success in this practice comes from a collective desire to serve others. I feel very blessed that so many of our patients trust us with their dental health and refer friends and family simply because they like the experience they receive in our office. We are truly grateful for the numerous ways God has blessed our practice over the years and would love to welcome you to be a part of our dental family.