Teeth Whitening at Home

There are a number of products available off the shelf now to whiten your teeth at home. First, let’s discuss why you need to or want to whiten your teeth. It might have you considering a diet change.

Why whiten your teeth

Teeth have an enamel finish. Over time different acids can attack or change that enamel surface. If you enjoy your coffee in the morning you are staining your teeth. A glass of red wine in the evening stains that enamel as well. Smoking causes staining as well as soft drinks, hard candies, berries and tomato sauce. Yes, many favorites can cause tooth discoloration. Most importantly, we often take our smile for granted. That smile is a huge part of who you are. An attribute that helps support your self-confidence. One look in the mirror can show you how that smile possibly has faded as your teeth lose their sparkle.

How to whiten your teeth at home

There are only two different types of teeth whitening products available; those with bleach and those without. The products that don’t have bleach, whitening toothpastes, mouthwashes and even gum, are not as effective. They will rely on a physical or chemical action to remove the stains. Most of these products contain a special chemical or a polishing agent that aids in the stain removal. The products that contain bleach are more effective for teeth whitening efforts at home. The most common bleach is often carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. As an active ingredient they can range from 10% to 22% concentration. This bleach will remove both surface and deeper stains. This product can be used with a custom fitted tray in which you put the gel into the tray and place the trays on your upper and bottom teeth. Teeth whitening strips are becoming more popular and more effective as well. Just another way to get that bleach on your stained teeth. There is also now a teeth whitening pen made for touch up. With the application of some gel from the pen you can see immediate results.

How do you measure results?

There are small plastic shade guides available. You can place the transparent guide next to your teeth to determine what shade they are prior to you starting any treatment. You can keep track of your improvements and then again watch your teeth slowly discolor again with that regular diet of food or drink that you love.

Professional teeth whitening

Your dental office can deliver quicker and better results. They are able to offer you a bleach that is stronger than what you can purchase off the shelf. A happy medium is to have your dentist make that custom tray for you and have the dental office then provide for you a gel that has a higher concentrate of the bleach. Your dentist can also monitor if your teeth become sensitive to the application of the bleach. Otherwise, teeth whitening is a safe procedure, a popular procedure and a visually rewarding procedure. Get that sparkle back!

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