How Much Do Dental Fillings Cost?

A dental filling is a popular and affordable treatment option for the decayed area of a tooth known as a cavity. The goal of the filling is to help fully restore a tooth in function and appearance. A filling procedure is a very common and affordable procedure that is completed in one visit to the dentist. Below is some additional information on the filling procedure and what you can expect for costs.

What to Expect During Filling Procedure

In general, the dental filling procedure takes about an hour. Prior to starting the procedure your dentist will sit down with you and walk you through this procedure. The first step will apply the local or the topical anesthetic, or maybe both. Next, they will remove the cavity in the tooth, which is the decayed portion. This involves drilling into the tooth and removing the decay. This will not be painful due to the anesthetic. After the decay is removed the dentist will apply the filling putty and use a light to harden the filling in place. Once they are satisfied, the dentist will polish the tooth and the procedure is complete. Throughout the dentist will likely take a few breaks to check in with you and make sure you are doing ok.

Expected cost

The price of a dental filling can really vary depending on many factors. Here is a little more information on the factors that impact the cost:

  • The size of the dental filling
  • The extent of the tooth decay
  • The materials used
  • The dentist’s experience: Often the cost of your filling procedure as well as other procedures may be impacted by the expertise of your dentist. Dentists with more experience may charge more than other dentists in your area that have smaller client bases and less experience.
  • Your geographic location: Often people do not realize that the cost of dental care varies depending on geographic location.
  • Living in urban, densely population areas can result in more expensive cost of living, including higher costs of dental care.

Estimating the cost for your procedure If you are concerned about the unexpected costs that may result from your dental visits and a dental filling procedure, the best way to estimate your costs is to contact your dentist and have a conversation. If you have a dental filling procedure scheduled, prior to your procedure when your dentist walks through the steps of the treatment, you may want to ask questions you have about costs. Your dentist may have some suggestions to provide you with the information you need about the costs of each procedure as well as alternative options that may be available to achieve your dental goals and stay within your budget.

Because fillings are a treatment to help restore your tooth in function, they are often considered necessary and a preventative measure against further decay. If you have dental insurance, your plan should cover preventative check-ups, including exams and x-rays, as well as preventative treatment procedures. You should check in with your insurance to be familiar with everything your plan covers to avoid unexpected out of pocket expenses.

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