What is All-on-4 Dental Implants?

Cleveland tx All-on-4 Dental implants are implants that replace missing teeth or dentures. Traditional dental implants can require the placement of up to eight implants to support an arch, as opposed to the four implants used with All-on-4 Implants. Patients choose All-on-4 dental implants because of their natural appearance, but also because All-on-4 allows patients to eat, talk, brush and smile with confidence.

Additional reasons why All-on-4 is a popular treatment option for patients with missing teeth include:

  • Natural, comfortable feel
  • Protects jawbone from deterioration
  • Faster process than traditional dentures
  • Lasting, permanent solution
  • Requires no adhesives
  • Restores facial features
  • Implants and bridges require no special cleaning

All-on-4 is effective in either the upper or lower jaw.

What is Involved in the Procedure?

To determine if All-on-4 is right for you, schedule a consultation with your dentist. If All-on-4 is a good fit, your dentist will create a custom treatment plan, which will be used by your oral surgeon.  During your implantation surgery, you will be given anesthesia, usually IV sedation.  Four titanium implants are then placed in your jaw, forming the foundation for the bridge. Once these implants are in place, a fixed set of temporary teeth are added.

You will receive detailed aftercare instructions following surgery.  A follow-up appointment will be scheduled within three months of the surgery to check the fit of your new teeth.  Within six months, most patients are fully healed and the implants are fused to the natural bone.

Frequently Asked Questions About All-on-4

How painful is the All-on-4 procedure?

Most patients who get All-on-4 implants report experiencing less pain than they anticipated.  This is due, in part, to the fact that you will receive local anesthesia or IV sedation. Additionally, the extensive training and experience of dentists offering All-on-4 ensures a quick process that is as painless as possible.

How do I know if I am a good candidate for All-on-4?

Most patients are good candidates for All-on-4, regardless if they have concerns regarding bone density, age or the general health of their teeth. If your oral health is good enough to have a tooth extracted, you will likely have success with All-on-4.


Will I be able to afford All-on-4?

The cost of All-on-4 is covered by some insurance companies and may be tax-deductible. Your dentist will discuss the cost with you during your initial consultation and set up a payment plan, if needed.  Financing options are usually available. You can be assured that this is a one-time investment that will last for the rest of your life.


How long is the recovery process?

The healing process following All-on-4 is relatively quick, especially compared with traditional dental implants, which have a 3 to 4 month recovery period.  From the first day, the implants begin fusing to your bone.  Some patients will even be able to eat solid food on the day of their procedure.  For patients who do experience post procedural pain, over the counter and prescription medication is available.

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