Emergency Dentist Near Me

Accidents can happen to anybody and when they involve your mouth and teeth, you may require an emergency dentist. Sometimes, immediate care may be because of a toothache that has escalated to a point where you can’t stand the pain. No matter what you need immediate care for, you’re probably wondering, how do I find the closest emergency dentist near me? The first thing to know is that seeing an immediate dentist is not the same as needing a hospital ER. Sometimes a complication just needs to be treated right away to avoid things getting worse over time.

What are some of the reasons that I should seek out immediate dental care?

A few of the primary reasons why you may need to see a dentist immediately are for cracked or broken teeth, a tooth being knocked out, a lost crown, loose adult teeth, heavy bleeding following a dental procedure, or pain that has reached the point of unbearable. If you are experiencing one of these things, it is probably a good idea to see a dentist right away. If left untreated, these injuries can lead to more serious issues.

If you are experiencing one of these symptoms, the first thing to do is assess the situation. In order to do this, you need to treat the injury by cleaning it as best as possible and when necessary, applying pressure to stop the bleeding. If your tooth has broken or fallen out, you’ll want to retrieve the piece or tooth that has been knocked out. You should always take it with you to the dentist. When this happens, it is important to remember to handle the tooth as little as possible and to keep it in a container that maintains the tooth’s moisture.

How do I find a dentist?

The first thing to know is that dental emergencies cannot be treated in a traditional emergency room. Data has shown that many people head to the ER as soon as they experience a dental trauma. Whether this is do to insurance coverage or lack of knowledge about proper dental care facilities, it is important to know that the ER is not the right place for you. If the injury is life threatening or involves more than dental trauma you should still go to an ER and they can direct you from there. If the injury has just resulted in dental related issue or if you are seeking out treatment for tooth related pain, you should avoid the ER.

If you live in a city, chances are that there are emergency dentists located there. Unfortunately if you live in rural areas, you may have to travel some distance to find one. If you have access to a computer, a simple search will let you know where to head. Another option is to call your dental insurance company. They will be able to let you know which dentists under your plan are located near by. There are services available as well such as 1-800-DENTIST. These services are hotlines set up to help you find a dentist in a hurry.

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