Healing After Gum Contouring

If you feel you have what is referred to as a “gummy smile” or you think your gum line is uneven across your teeth, you may have considered gum contouring. Contouring can also be used to treat gum recession. Your dentist may provide gum contouring treatment or may have you visit a Periodontist, who specializes in the treatment of gums.

Recovery from Gum Contouring

As with most dental surgeries, the more you allow yourself to rest and recover immediately following treatment, the quicker your overall healing time will be. In this section, we will review some ways to aid your recovery and speed healing.

  • Pain management will be a priority after surgery. Over the counter pain medication can be taken as needed but do not take anything containing aspirin. You are likely to experience some swelling and tenderness at the site which is normal and should subside as you heal. Scabbing is also to be expected, they will fall off on their own. Rinse with warm salt water as needed, especially after eating to make sure the area is clean and clear of food debris.
  • It is important to limit your physical activity for a few days following surgery. If you work out, skip a few days and allow your body to rest and heal. The longer you can rest, the quicker your recovery will be and you can get back to business!
  • Sticking to a diet of soft foods will also be a crucial part of your recovery. For the first couple of days, you may be better off sticking to a liquid diet of soups broths and smoothies. Crunchy and spicy foods will only serve to aggravate your surgery site and should be avoided. Anything with seeds that can irritate the area or get under your gums should also be cut out of your diet for a week to ten days. Eggs are a great source of protein and smoothies can help keep you satiated. Pasta and well-cooked vegetables are easy and of course, let’s not forget ice cream and milkshakes. Meats may be a challenge but if you have very small bites and avoid chewing near your surgery site, you may be able to manage it after a few days.
  • Your oral hygiene routine will need to be altered a bit for a couple of weeks following surgery. It is very important to be incredibly gentle while brushing and flossing, taking care not to irritate the area. The warm salt water rinse mentioned earlier is a great way to clean your mouth after eating and it will feel nice on your surgery site. You can use this rinse as often as you like and avoid using any mouth rinses that contain alcohol.

Any pre-op and post-op instructions will be given to you by your doctor. The closer you follow them, the quicker your recovery will be.

If you think that gum contouring could be a good option for you, set up a consultation with your dentist to discuss your concerns. If they agree that you would benefit, they will refer you to the Periodontist they work with most often if they do not provide the treatment themselves.

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