Benefits of Laser Dentistry

They use lasers in dentistry? It seems crazy right? Thanks to rapid advances in technology, everyday dental practice is becoming quicker, safer, and more pain-free than ever before. This is in part due to the use of lasers in many routine dental procedures. You may be wondering how lasers work and what the benefits of laser dentistry are. Below is more information about cleveland laser dentistry, including how it works, how it keeps you safe, and all of the possible benefits of the new treatment practice.

How Lasers Work in Dentistry

A laser is a hand-held instrument which delivers an extremely focused and narrow light beam at high power. In dental procedures, the laser works by altering or removing gum and tooth tissue. The lasers work more quickly and efficiently than manual instruments to cut away diseased gum tissue, reshape overgrown or large gums, or remove tooth decay. Additionally, during teeth-whitening treatments, lasers can be used to heat activate the tooth-bleaching agent applied to the surface of the teeth.

When Laser Dentistry is Used

The most common uses of laser dentistry are in dental procedures related to the gums. Some uses of laser dentistry include:

  • Treating gum disease by removing diseased tissue and reshaping healthy tissue
  • Treating root canal infections by removing decayed tooth from within the tooth
  • Removing and reshaping overgrown gums
  • Tissue biopsies for cancer screening
  • Helping expose wisdom teeth that are not fully erupted to make extraction easier
  • Removing tumors from the tissue

What Happens During Laser Dentistry?

The procedures that involve laser dentistry are similar to most dental procedures. In some cases, prior to the procedure you will receive some anesthesia, though it will likely be less than what you would receive for a traditional procedure. Once the procedure has started this is when you may notice the difference in laser dentistry procedures. During the procedure, you won’t feel the vibrations or discomfort like you may feel from the use of a drill. Overall, there will be less bleeding, less contact with the gum and tooth tissue, and less discomfort.

The Benefits of Laser Dentistry

The reason why lasers are becoming more popular is because they really can improve and enhance today’s quality of dental care. Lasers help procedures move along more efficiently, reduce pain and discomfort experienced by the patient, and improve healing time. Here are some of the noted benefits of laser dentistry:

  • Minimize the need for stitches post-treatment
  • Reduce the use of anesthesia
  • Reduce chances of infection
  • Reduce the healing and symptoms experienced post-treatment
  • Result in less blood loss than traditional treatment

There are many benefits to using lasers in dental procedures. By using laser instruments dentists are reducing the need to use drills, traditional instruments, and anesthesia, all things that cause potential anxiety and discomfort for the patient. When used properly by a trained dental professional, lasers are safe, efficient, and effective.

If your dentist has started to use lasers in their dental procedures, this is great news. Have a conversation with them about what the experience will be like for you, and about their training and experience with the laser instruments.

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