Cost of Teeth Whitening

We as American citizens are blessed with choices and options throughout our daily lives. From living quarters to eating to entertainment the spectrum is broad. Oral hygiene and care of one of your most under-valued assets, your smile, is no different. The costs associated with teeth whitening can cover that same broad range.

Why whiten teeth?

All of us over time will get some discoloration and staining on our teeth. Some more than others. If you enjoy coffee, tea or red wine you’ll accelerate the staining of the tooth’s hard surface, the enamel. Berries, hard candies and colas will stain as well. Then there is smoking! If you are a smoker you will stain the enamel much quicker. So the first variable in determining the cost of teeth whitening is determining the amount of staining to be removed or corrected.

Three Options

You basically have three different options when it comes to teeth whitening. Your first choice is to totally do it yourself at home. There are two choices available off the shelf, products with bleach and those without. The products without bleach will take more time as they will not be as effective. This includes most whitening toothpastes and some gums. The more effective teeth whitening at home is done with products that contain bleach. You can get a kit in which you make your own trays for both your upper and lower teeth. In that tray while you sleep you can put a gel. This option, as the gel sits on your teeth overnight, can change the shade of your teeth in a week or two. There are now strips available that are increasing in popularity. There is also a pen available that delivers gel in small amounts to small areas. This is good for touchup. The second and most effective option is seeing your dentist. The dental professional is available to get a product with a higher concentrate of bleach, make a far more effective tray, and accelerate the teeth whitening process dramatically. They also can use a light activated technique. Finally, your third option is a combination of both. Do the work at home with the products and guidance of your dentist.

The Range in Costs

You have purchased toothpaste for around $8 a tube. That literally is you entry level. Just remember everything is relative! You can purchase teeth whitening strips for as little as $25 to $50 a box. The best method for at home teeth whitening is a kit that gives you the trays to make on your own and syringes with gel. These will range from $100 to $250. Having your teeth whitened professionally could range around $500 to $600. The laser treatment can be close to $750-$800. If you collaborate with your dentist and do the take home plan you might spend around $400. There is your broad range. Just like everything else today, options and value added expense. Spending a little more gets you better and quicker results. Only you can decide what your smile is worth. Don’t underestimate it! It represents everything good about you!

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