More Info on Teeth Whitening Kits

The number one request today in the dental office from all patients is that they want whiter teeth. That request has exploded into over $3 billion being spent around the globe on teeth whitening. Many folks realize they have lost some sparkle in their smile. That over time their teeth have lost their original natural shade and have become dull, discolored or yellowed. First, let’s look at why this happens. Then we’ll lay out the teeth whitening options with kits at home.

Why do your Teeth Discolor?

Your teeth have a hard surface called enamel. First and foremost, there is your diet. If you love your coffee in the morning or red wine in the evening these favorites will accelerate the staining of your teeth. A cola or cup of tea during the day will stain enamel as well. Users of tobacco products and cigarette smokers will most definitely see advanced staining. Some fruits, like berries, and hard candies will also damage the enamel. This staining can all be reversed with teeth whitening. Also, with aging, your enamel becomes thinner. When this happens you will begin to see more dentin, the darker layer underneath. Teeth whitening treatment may not deliver the same results if your teeth are beginning to experience this change.

The Three Varieties of Teeth Whitening Kits

There are two types of kits in which you will find dozens of options over the counter. The first and most popular are those that contain bleach. The second are those that contain a chemical, or charcoal and use physical motion to scrape the staining away. The third type is an LED light that simply blasts the stains. The bleach, usually either carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide, is designed to sit on your teeth and activate the staining. One very popular method is the kit that contains a mouth piece or tray in which you will mold to your upper and bottom teeth. Then the bleach is delivered in a gel. You put that into the tray, put the trays on your teeth while you sleep, and you will see successful results in teeth whitening in a week or two. The second option and growing in popularity is when the bleach is on strips. The strips are simply applied to the teeth for the bleach to work. The physical approach is through toothpaste or gum. The chemical, now often charcoal, is in the toothpaste or gum. As you brush and chew there will be a physical scraping removal of the stains. These off the shelf products all deliver less than 10% bleach per the ADA recommendations. The final and least popular variety is the LED light. This method delivers short lived results.

Consult with Your Dentist

Your dental office can and will give you professional advice. They also can professionally administer a teeth whitening process and you will see results in hours. That is because they are allowed to use products with a much higher concentrate of bleach. Consider having your dentist conduct the teeth whitening for you, and enjoy that sparkle in your smile again.

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