More Info on Teeth Whitening Products

Teeth whitening has become a huge industry. Having whiter teeth is now the number one request in dental offices around the world. That has resulted in literally thousands of products that teeth whiten and thousands of opinions on their abilities to whiten your teeth. Why do your teeth lose their sparkle? Let’s look at that process first.

What causes the Teeth Discoloration?

There is a natural process with aging that we all will experience. Your teeth have a hard surface called enamel. Through the years this enamel can become thinner which allows you to see the next layer, a darker material called dentin. If you are experiencing this change teeth whitening products may not be as effective. Most of us create the staining ourselves by enjoying our cups of coffee or some red wine. These favorites will stain your teeth. Dark colored sodas or a cup of tea can do the same. Berries and hard candies will cause discoloration. Tobacco users and cigarette smokers will severely enhance a yellowing of the enamel. If you have looked in the mirror and asked what happen to your smile? Where did that sparkle go? How come the teeth look dull? Then you are a candidate for teeth whitening.

The Different Teeth Whitening Products Available

Teeth whitening is delivered in three different methods. First, and the most popular, are the products that include a bleaching agent, usually either carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. This method either delivers the bleach to your teeth through gel or a strip. The gel includes trays that you custom fit to your upper and bottom teeth. You then put the gel into the trays overnight letting the gel sit on your teeth. A successful approach, you will see whiter teeth within a week or two. The strips have picked up in popularity as of late. The strips are simply applied to your teeth for short periods of time allowing the bleach to work as well. The next approach is more physical in nature. With either teeth whitening toothpaste or gum that have a chemical or a charcoal that is an abrasive agent and with the motion on your enamel these will slowly scrape the stains away. Finally, the last method is that of a very bright LED light that literally blast the stains off your teeth.

Consider Consulting with your Dentist

Your dentist is a professional. They have chosen this as their career. They have the ability to do everything you can do at home only better. Teeth whitening products are made stronger for the dental profession. Bleach is limited to 10% with over the counter products where a dental office can administer a gel with up to 28% bleach. This means the results are dramatically accelerated. You can have whiter teeth after only one visit. Your dentist will know what method will be the best for you, possibly based on your sensitivity. They will also consult and prescribe methods that you can continue with at home to periodically continue to whiten your teeth. Keep that smile bright. Bring back the sparkle!

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